Like most female sports, fastpitch softball is an adaptation of the men’s game. However, what often gets lost in translation is how to play that sport like a girl. A girl’s body presents unique considerations when executing skills; pitching is no exception. Velocity Softball, a Tincher Pitching Affiliate, focuses on female biomechanics, the science, and YES the feeling of pitching.

So go ahead... Pitch Like a Girl.


Bridget Ebenger-Balla grew up playing softball including three trips to the annual ASA National Softball tournament and as a 4-year starter at Magnificat High School. She learned to pitch from Ray Walton, father & pitching coach to Division III State Champion and Cleveland State pitching legend, Pam Walton. In high school, due to Magnificat's transition from slow to fast pitch, Bridget was both the starting catcher and the team's pitching coach. In less than 2 seasons of playing fastpitch, she helped lead Magnificat to a Sectional Championship and Division runners-up. After graduating from Magnificat, Bridget declined a preferred walk-on spot to Cleveland State University’s Division I softball team and instead accepted a scholarship to play Division I women’s tennis at Cleveland State. Her knowledge of softball and tennis, both explosive power sports, brings a unique perspective to her coaching. Bridget is a certified instructor with Tincher Pitching, founded by Denny Tincher, father & pitching coach to former Virginia Tech and Akron Racers pitcher, Angela Tincher and South Alabama pitcher Abby Tincher. In addition to private instruction, Bridget is the Varsity pitching coach for Rocky River High School and volunteers with Avon Little League.